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SGIA provides a no-cost service to its brokerage firms, providers, hospitals, and doctor’s offices (Partners). Partners work with SGIA in order to provide additional benefit offerings to their employees, members, or customers. By providing this free benefit, our partners are able to offer information and distribution of senior products and services to their growing retirement and Medicare eligible members.


Through customized communication and outreach efforts this benefit will be introduced to members. Some of the ways an employee, retiree or caregiver of our Partners will benefit includes:

  • A no cost, unbiased individualized needs analysis for a Medicare plan selection.
  • Expert information and advice simplifying Medicare programs.
  • Offerings of all major Medicare plans in their area.
  • Enrollment assistance and tracking process.
  • Lower coinsurance and copay costs available.
  • Annual review of their Medicare plan ensuring it is meeting their current needs.
  • Ongoing service and support for all things Medicare related.


SGIA offers Medicare programs that are customized for each Partner. By implementing these programs, Partners are able to help employees and customers realize significant savings in claims costs and premiums, decrease administrative costs and increase coverage options.


Medicare Transition Program

This program is for Partners that are currently offering a group retiree program. SGIA offers a plan to transition their current retired employees from a defined benefit program to a defined contribution model. Assistance is offered in selecting the most appropriate Medicare plan that fits each retiree’s unique needs. SGIA assists in setting up Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) where the employer can elect to make contributions to pay for the plan premiums and cover out of pocket expenses. Employees will have access to expert Licensed and Certified Medicare Consultants at no cost to the individual.


Medicare Assistance Program

This program is designed when there is no group retiree program currently in place. SGIA would offer this program to its Partners for their employers as an employee benefit to its active employee population that is 65 and over. Often times, based on plan design and contribution levels, an individual Medicare plan can be a more cost effective means of insuring one’s medical coverage. SGIA provides a simplified purchase process for all major Medicare programs. This process is unbiased for decision and enrollment support. It can result in lower premiums, coinsurance and copay amounts. Employees will have access to expert Licensed and Certified Medicare Consultants at no cost to the individual.


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